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How Long Does a Service and MOT Take?

kinghams of croydon servicing & mot

By law, every car that is three years old needs to undergo an annual MOT test to ensure that it is safe on the road and up to date with environmental standards. At Kinghams of Croydon servicing & MOT, we

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How often does an Alfa Romeo need Servicing?


Alfa Romeo is a modern-day classic with roots that date back to 1911. Since 1986, this range of automobiles have been part of the Fiat group, and since 2007, it has been part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.  Alfa Romeo vehicles

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What are anti-lock brakes?


We’re all taught the importance of how to break in icy or wet conditions on the road, but what if you no longer had to learn? The days of pumping your break until your car stops to prevent skidding are

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How long do brake pads last

brake pads last

Making sure that your brake pads are not worn is a vital part of making sure your car is safe to drive. When you drive with worn brake pads, you may find that you are pushing on the brake harder

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