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We are Kinghams Croydon, your local Subaru garage. With a long history of expertise in Subaru servicing and maintenance, we understand the importance of regular Subaru services for the smooth running and cost-effective ownership of your vehicle. Our garage technicians are trained with the latest diagnostic equipment and specialist tools, ensuring your Subaru is repaired and maintained efficiently and correctly the first time.

As dedicated Subaru experts, we provide competitive prices, use genuine Subaru parts, and offer excellent quotes for wear and tear parts like exhausts, brakes, and tyres. Our Subaru services align with manufacturer recommendations, and we also offer budget-priced service plans for vehicles over three years old. Choose us for your Subaru maintenance and experience expert care, transparent pricing, and exceptional service.

Our Subaru Services

Scheduled Maintenance 

We specialise in Subaru servicing, meticulously following manufacturer-recommended service schedules. From routine oil changes to comprehensive inspections, our expert automotive technicians ensure your vehicle operates reliably and efficiently.

Diagnostic Expertise 

As Subaru specialists, we employ advanced diagnostic tools and extensive knowledge to accurately diagnose and resolve engine, electrical, and drivability issues. Our technicians undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest Subaru technologies.

Routine Inspections 

Regular visual health checks at our Subaru service centre are crucial for detecting potential issues early. This proactive approach helps prevent costly repairs and ensures your Subaru maintains optimal performance and safety.

Brake and Suspension Services 

Trust our Subaru garage for expert brake pad replacements, suspension repairs, and precise alignments using genuine Subaru parts. We prioritise safety and comfort, ensuring your Subaru handles impeccably on the road.

Engine and Transmission Services 

Benefit from comprehensive engine diagnostics, tuning, and repairs performed by our Subaru servicing professionals. We also conduct thorough transmission services, including fluid changes and adjustments, to optimise performance and longevity.

Air Conditioning Services 

Our Subaru service includes specialised diagnostics, repairs, and recharges tailored to maintain the peak performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. We ensure your comfort with efficient and reliable AC solutions.

Electrical System Services 

Count on us for meticulous diagnosis and repair of Subaru’s intricate electrical systems. From wiring issues to electronic component failures, our Subaru experts provide reliable solutions to keep your vehicle’s electronics functioning flawlessly.

Performance Upgrades 

Enhance your Subaru’s performance with our range of upgrades, including exhaust systems, tuning, and suspension enhancements. Tailored by our Subaru garage, these upgrades optimise power delivery and driving dynamics to suit your preferences.

Tire Services 

Our comprehensive tyre services include inspections, rotations, alignments, and replacements using top-quality brands. We ensure your Subaru maintains optimal handling, traction, and safety on various road conditions.

Fluid Services 

Maintain peak performance with regular checks and replacements of vital fluids such as oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Our Subaru servicing ensures all fluids are at optimal levels, crucial for your vehicle’s efficiency and durability.


Why Choose Us as Your Subaru Specialists? 


  • Expert Subaru Specialists: Our experienced Subaru garage service engineers undergo rigorous training and use advanced diagnostic tools for precise Subaru servicing.
  • Comprehensive Subaru Servicing: We offer a wide range of Subaru services, from routine maintenance to complex repairs, using genuine Subaru parts.
  • Transparent Subaru Service Cost: We provide transparent and reliable Subaru service costs with detailed breakdowns, ensuring clarity and trust in every Subaru service.
  • Tailored Subaru Service Plans: Choose from our budget-friendly Subaru service plans designed to meet the needs of vehicles over three years old.
  • Customer-Focused Approach: We prioritise customer satisfaction with ‘right first time’ repairs and clear communication throughout your Subaru service experience.


  • Continuous Training and Improvement: Our commitment to continuous learning keeps us updated with the latest Subaru technologies, delivering exceptional service every time.

Contact Us Today for Expert Subaru Garage Services

Connect with the specialists of our Subaru garage at Kinghams Croydon for expert Subaru servicing and repairs. Whether you need routine maintenance or more extensive repairs, trust our auto mechanics to keep your Subaru running smoothly. Call Us today on 0208 629 1420 or Email us:! Let’s ensure your Subaru receives the top-quality care it deserves from our dedicated maintenance experts!


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